Need A Roof Assessment After A Tornado?

April 20, 2022

Sometimes, it is hard to tell how a roof might be destroyed after an intense tornado- whether there is damage or not. Last weeks March 21st, 2022 tornado heavily damaged roofs in Texas, especially Round Rock. You may have come back home to find out that your roof is in need of significant repairs and reconstruction, or worse, not even there! What should you do next? Each home’s potential damage is different on this day, and that’s why assessing any damaged home, time and time again, will be necessary for all homeowners who have lived through March 21, 2022’s tornado devastation in Central Texas.

Many homeowners, especially those with West Side homes, in the Round Rock area experienced the fury of this natural disaster resulting in damaged or completely destroyed roofs. When it comes to natural disasters, the most frustrating part is the amount of time it takes to assess the damage after these events. You often don’t know what you are dealing with and make costly decisions accordingly.

Assess Roof Damage Before Moving Back In Your Home

Homeowners directly after a tornado may find it hard to recognize whether their roof has been damaged or destroyed and if they need a new roof. There are several options available to these homeowners that they can use to assess the damage done by a recent natural disaster, such as the Tornado that hit Central Texas. If you are a homeowner and the tornado has damaged your house, you should proceed with the roof damage assessment process before moving back in. Many of you may decide to await further legal guidance from insurance companies, but some go ahead by installing temporary roofs as they wait on responses from their insurance company. Whatever you decide, don’t forget to have your roof assessed for your family’s safety.

Riley Leon, 16, of Elgin, Texas, went through quite an ordeal when his truck got caught in the middle of the tornado and was captured flipping around in a viral video. However, he got a happy ending with a brand new cherry red 2022 Chevy Silverado pickup, gifted to him plus $1500 in cash for medical expenses; what about you? Were you lucky enough to come back home with an intact roof over it? 

We Have Your Roofing Covered

Blackbelt Roofing might not be able to give you a brand new roof free over your head, but we promise to fix your roof at the best prices and make your home safe and strong again. Call us to get a free damage assessment and have your roof repaired on priority. We have affordable roofing solutions no matter how small or significant the damage. So let us do our part and give you a safe roof on your home, and it’s good to remember in these trying times; If you have a family around you, food on your table, and a roof over your head, you are richer than you think.