Roofs Are The Hardest Hit In Round Rock Tornado Damage

April 20, 2022

Under normal circumstances, the city of Houston can clean up after a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado in just hours because the residents and staff members have done this drill many times before.

These natural disasters are very different from the last. They may bring multiple floodings in a short period of constant tornadoes and hail storms that cause significant damage to homes and property. The speed at which they drive destruction is magnanimous compared to recovery and repair. The city can spend weeks cleaning up the mess left behind by nature in more severe weather.

The impact and frequency of tornadoes increased this year, followed by non-stop calls from homeowners to roofing companies. Monday’s tornadoes ripped apart roofs and created havoc all over Houston, with dozens of homes with either damaged roofs or roofs wholly torn apart.

Round Rock Tornado Damage

After the storm swept through parts of Central Texas and Round Rock on March 21st, leaving considerable damage, It left people wondering about the condition of their homes, especially their roofs, due to these twisters. Blackbelt roofing got non-stop calls, signaling the distress and damage the storm left behind among homeowners. “We have 30 years of experience dealing with this region’s regular barrage of tornadoes, hurricanes, and storms and have been doing roof replacements and repairs since then.” says the CEO of Blackbelt Roofing.

One of the potential side effects of a powerful storm is that your home may need immediate repairs to make it safe and inhabitable again. Ferocious winds and rain can cause property damage and cause shingles to strip away from the roof. In addition, the nails that hold the top fast may loosen up, and graveling could pull off parts of your covering. 

But how can you know the condition of your home’s roof when you cannot see it from below? Fortunately, you have roof repair companies like Blackbelt Roofing. The best step you can take from this point onwards to preserve your sanity and what’s left of your roof is to call for professional roofing services for a free assessment.

Let Professionals Handle The Repairs

It is best to wait for professionals as roof repairs can pose a hazardous risk, even if you think it is just a few missing shingles. In some instances where homeowners attempt to do the clean-up operation, they have severely hurt themselves. After a terrible storm, people can carefully walk around the exterior perimeter of their homes to inspect for any broken objects with sharp edges or any potential areas of visible damage; the next step is to call for professional repair and further damage inspection.

After a storm like the one in central Texas, a repair can vary from needing a few hours to something as significant and on a bigger scale as the #Jacksboro gymnasium roof that got completely ripped off. Only a professional team can assess the extent of the damage on a site. There are times when the framework of a roof may seem intact but needs replacement to prevent future problems.

On an interim basis, repair workers systematically remove damaged roofing and ensure no debris can fall off and hurt someone inside the home. Though the road to recovery is usually a long one, the first step you can take to ensure your safety is to have a home inspection done and assess your home’s structural integrity and immediately visible damage repair, such as roofs that are the hardest hit during storms.