How To Find Out If I Need Roof Repair or Replacement?

December 28, 2022

Roofing, indeed, is one of the most expensive expenditures of a house. It is not uncommon to feel stressed about how much money you will be spending on any roofing issue you have discovered. However, it is still vital that you know that whenever roof problems come up, there usually is a much easier and cheaper solution, roof repair. It is also critical to realize the need for roof repair beforehand to avoid the circumstances of roof replacement. You might wonder how you can determine whether you need a roof replacement or repair. A roofing inspection contractor in Dallas can answer this question quite quickly, while this blog can also help you determine whether your roof needs replacement or repair.

What Does A Roof Repair Include?

Professionals recommend roof repair for moderate or minor roof damage. With this home improvement process, you can restore your roofing system and extend the lifespan of an older roof. Roof repair is a process that almost every homeowner undergoes at some point. At some point, it might look like the repairs are easy to DIY, but it is always best to hire a professional to fix them instead of doing it yourself.

While determining your roofing problem, you will need a professional roofing inspection in Dallas so that repairing can take place later. When you choose roof repair, a small portion of your roof will be undergoing repair instead of your entire roof. Of course, the roof repairing process differs per the damages you face. Still, the repair process usually includes replacing damaged or missing shingles, patching up holes and small gaps, etc. A professional inspection can help you with complete guidance regarding the roof repairing process and the insurance claims that might be applicable. And it will also provide you with a thorough inspection report and review.

What Does A Roof Replacement Include?

As discussed above, roof repairing means fixing only a small part of your roof structure. While roof replacement means replacing the entire visible area. Hence roof replacement will need you to strip off everything so that the deck is visible before the installation of a new roof, and it thus includes repairs to rafters, trusses, and sheathing.

As roof replacement does involve a lot more work, it thus is more expensive upfront if we compare it to the roof repair service. Of course, installing a new roof can help you save money in the long run, but the initial expense is still very much. The average roof replacement cost is around $8000, which can vary depending on factors such as the roof size.

Furthermore, you will want to get your insurance if your roof undergoes damage because of extreme weather conditions like hailstorms, straight-line winds, and tornadoes. These factors will determine whether your roof requires replacement or repair. You shall also consider installing a new roof if you notice your roof is starting to sag. Sagging is a severe problem and a warning sign showing that your roof might collapse soon.

Understandably, the roof replacement process is complex and long compared to the repair process. Roof replacement might take roofing contractors up to three to four days or maybe more to end a roofing project of a moderate size. Furthermore, like roof repair, a roof replacement undergoes a comprehensive inspection. Through a professional roofing inspection, a roofer can examine the seriousness of the damage and then determine whether replacement is an ideal choice or repair can also be feasible to sort the issues.

Roof Replacement vs. Reroofing

Often homeowners feel confused between re roofing and roof replacement. Even though both are ways for your home improvement to restore your roofing system and give it new shingles, the two still have entirely parallel differences.

Suppose a roof faces severe damage or decking under the roof, such as massive haps, mold growth, soggy shingles, missing shingles, or some severe leaks like leaks during heavy rains. In that case, the roof will need a complete replacement. On the other hand, your roof might need reroofing if it has only one layer of shingles and has minor leaks or damages.

Furthermore, if we talk about roofing projects, the simple and cheapest option is reroofing which also ensures restoring a roof’s appearance. This is because there is no requirement to dismantle any part of the roof in the re roofing process. You only need to place a new roofing material or shingle overlay on top of the old ones until the new one matches the new one. While reroofing also doesn’t involve an extended period, materials, or labor, which is the opposite of roof replacement.

One major factor that always needs acknowledgment is that reroofing only covers the damages, so it doesn’t last as long as the roof replacement. Reroofing is only a temporary barrier that can prevent further damage (such as it prevents leaks). Moreover, as you will not be able to examine the deck, there is no way you can know if there are any damages underneath.

How to Decide Between Roof Repair or Replacement

Roof repairing and replacement are two of the most effective home maintenance processes, and unlike any minor improvement processes, you shall devote your complete dedication and devotion. You must choose the required process and ensure that the optimum condition of your roof is maintained while you get your money’s worth.

Without finding out whether the issue is major or minor, you surely don’t want to hop on into one repairing process and later find out that the problem is more serious now and requires roof replacement. At the same time, there is also no point in upgrading and replacing the whole roof if a roof repair can fix a minor issue. Hence, deciding whether you need a roof repair or replacement is essential. For this, there are various factors you should keep in mind, such as the roof’s age, condition, affected roof area, how long you plan on staying in the house, if you have a viable insurance claim, etc. Apart from the issue, these factors can help determine whether you need a roof replacement or repair.

While if you are still unsure whether your roof needs repairing or replacement, then you shall call for professional help. Blackbelt Roofing provides a thorough roofing inspection that can help determine whether there is a need for roof repair or replacement. Our professionals will further guide you with the forward steps in roof repair and replacement processes.