What to Expect


Proof of Loss/ DATA/Detailed Evidence:

a) Having the proper data before a loss or filing a claim is especially important. Knowing the age and condition of the roof, maintenance history, and how the roof is built up will affect the outcome and may determine whether to file or not.

b) We perform an investigation to determine all this data. This includes measurements, photo reports, and visual inspections.

c) Having your Policy reviewed by a licensed professional also plays a key part in the process. It is important to know the policy limits, deductible costs, additional coverages, exclusions, etc.

Filing a claim:

a)  Whether you have the information previously mentioned, filing the claim is quite simple. Our Project Managers are more than happy to assist with this so we can make sure proper information is provided.

b) All that is needed for this is the 800 number for the Claims Department and your policy number which can be found on the Declaration Page of your Policy.

c) We will make any temporary repairs necessary to mitigate any further damage to the Property while we go through the process. These repairs are billed directly to the Insurance Company.


a) After the inspection, be prepared to wait for results. The adjuster will take all his findings and produce his report and estimate. This simply takes time, and your claim is not the only one they have. You can expect results in 2-8 weeks.

b) We will follow up with them weekly to help expedite the process as much as possible. You will be copied on ALL correspondence.

c) Once we receive the first draft of the estimate it goes into review on our end. We will determine if the scope is sufficient and what has been missed or excluded. These items are called Supplements.

d) We will Supplement the scope of work as we see fit to make sure we have what is necessary to make quality repairs and restore the property to its pre-storm condition.

e) We also make sure that all the repairs are up to today’s local and regional building codes.

Adjustment of the Claim:

a) Once the claim is filed, the Insurance Company will assign the appropriate Adjuster. An appointment will be set for the initial inspection. This usually takes place 1-2 weeks after they are assigned.

b) The most important part is to have our Project Representative on-site during this inspection. Not all adjusters are looking for the same things. We find that too many adjusters do not know standard construction practices, and most are not familiar with LOCAL building codes.

c) We will have our estimate prepared including a report of all data collected. We will walk the entire property with the Adjuster to ensure ALL damage is properly documented.

Contracting the job:

a) Before beginning the process, we must enter into a Formal Agreement commonly known as a Per Insurance Proceeds Agreement. This agreement is quite simple. It states that we are going to perform everything necessary from filing the claim to completion of the Estimate/Scope of Work and once approved, we are awarded the Scope of Work at the final price approved by the Insurance Company.

b) Once the Scope of Work is approved, we will enter into a Formal Build Agreement which includes all construction methods, components, material specifications, warranties, payment schedule, etc.

c) The only out-of-pocket expense you have for the entire project is your deductible unless you choose to add work outside of the scope or upgrade the materials.

Working with professionals:

a) Now it’s time to get to work. We strategically formulate a plan specific to your property to work in the safest way possible. Safety is our number one priority, and we hold ourselves to very strict OSHA-approved policies.

b) We strive to work smarter and not harder. We will work in the most efficient way possible to move through the project on schedule. Our goal is to minimize any inconvenience and limit exposure all while maintaining quality.

Completion Documentation:

a) Once the work is completed, we will issue a Certificate of Completion including all necessary documents to the insurance company. Once received, the remaining Recoverable Depreciation and any Supplemental funds will be released.

b) Once final payment is received and the contract is fulfilled, we will issue all the appropriate Manufacturer Warranties as well as our Craftsmanship Warranty.

c) We believe in the work we do so much that we offer a Craftsmanship Warranty as well as an annual maintenance inspection package. This is crucial to ensure the Manufacturer’s Warranties remain valid through the life of the products and helps the products reach their intended life span.

Progress Reporting:

a) You will see Project Management and Supervision at its highest level.

b) As an option, you can watch your project happen from our company cam link.

Change orders:

a) In the event of a change in scope or we find a surprise as we go, we will issue a fully documented report and Invoice. This will be submitted to the insurance company when completed for a post supplement on the project.

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